1. Modular Synth App (Part 2) app design minimal music app simple skeuomorphic skeuomorphism ui ux vst
    View Modular Synth App (Part 2)
    Modular Synth App (Part 2)
  2. The Ultimate Buyer's Guide chili piper colorful layout minimal typography minimalism pdf print publication typography
    View The Ultimate Buyer's Guide
    The Ultimate Buyer's Guide
  3. Metronome LP Preview 3d blender blender render graphic design landing page motion graphics render ui website website design
    View Metronome LP Preview
    Metronome LP Preview
  4. Metronom LP (WIP) animated render animated website animation blender device music app music ui render ui ux web flow animation
    View Metronom LP (WIP)
    Metronom LP (WIP)
  5. Light Control App UI Exploration explorations figma light control light control app modern app music app skeuomorphic skeuomorphism ui
    View Light Control App UI Exploration
    Light Control App UI Exploration
  6. Metronome App/Device Experiment 3d 3d art 3ddesign app blender blender render dark device knob metronome app minimal minimalism music app music ui physical device render
    View Metronome App/Device Experiment
    Metronome App/Device Experiment
  7. Logo for saxophonist (my son actually ๐Ÿ˜Ž) 60fps animated logo brand branding graphic design logo logo animation logo design logo for musician minimalistic logo musician
    View Logo for saxophonist (my son actually ๐Ÿ˜Ž)
    Logo for saxophonist (my son actually ๐Ÿ˜Ž)
  8. Logo Animation after effects animation branding logo logo animation motion motion graphics vector animation
    View Logo Animation
    Logo Animation
  9. Web UI Kit Part 1 chili piper design system figma simple style guide styleguide ui ui kit ux web web guidelines web ui kit webdesign
    View Web UI Kit Part 1
    Web UI Kit Part 1
  10. Boss VE-500 app boss boss effect boss effects ipad ipad app music music app music design plugin plugin design vocal vocal performer vst vst design
    View Boss VE-500
    Boss VE-500
  11. Boss Loop Station Redesign audio audio effect audio plugin boss dark mode figma knobs music music effect plugin sliders ui ux
    View Boss Loop Station Redesign
    Boss Loop Station Redesign
  12. Guitarist's Visual ID corporate identity figma guitar guitarist id guitarist logo id logo logo design music musician visual id visual identity
    View Guitarist's Visual ID
    Guitarist's Visual ID
  13. UI Explorations ver 2.0 app app for musicians audio interface clean design desktop app figma minimal minimalistic minimalistic design music app noise photoshop ui ux vst
    View UI Explorations ver 2.0
    UI Explorations ver 2.0
  14. UI Explorations app apple music audio plugin desktop app explorations logic pro x music music app music producer music production plugin standalone app ui ui design ux violet vst
    View UI Explorations
    UI Explorations
  15. Disruption Forum Logo Animation ae after effects animation disruption forum event glitch glitchy animation logo logo design netguru
    View Disruption Forum Logo Animation
    Disruption Forum Logo Animation
  16. Modular Synth ๐ŸŽน vol. II app modular modular app modularity music app nft synth synth app vst
    View Modular Synth ๐ŸŽน vol. II
    Modular Synth ๐ŸŽน vol. II
  17. Modular Synth ๐ŸŽน app modular modular app music music app synth app synthesizer synthesizer app ui user interface ux
    View Modular Synth ๐ŸŽน
    Modular Synth ๐ŸŽน
  18. Another Guitar Effects Shot boss effects design figma free illustration frieebie guitar guitar effects illustration made in figma music neumorphic neumorphism product design skeuomorph app skeuomorphic skeuomorphism sound stompbox vector vector graphic
    View Another Guitar Effects Shot
    Another Guitar Effects Shot
  19. Floating Tasks ae after effects animated ui animation dynamic animation task task manager to do todo list todoist ui uiux ux
    View Floating Tasks
    Floating Tasks
  20. MetroPulse Metronome Screens II figma guitar guitar app metronome metronome app minimal minimalism mobile app music app music app ui neomorphism skeuomorph skeuomorphism
    View MetroPulse Metronome Screens II
    MetroPulse Metronome Screens II
  21. MetroPulse Metronome Screens metronome minimal minimal desicn minimalism mobile app neomorphism screens skeuomorphism ui uiux ux
    View MetroPulse Metronome Screens
    MetroPulse Metronome Screens
  22. MetroPulse Metronome app clean color color scheme light minimal minimalism minimalistic mobile app ui ui design ux
    View MetroPulse Metronome
    MetroPulse Metronome
  23. KosmoTime Task Manager calendar calendar app calendar management calendar ui gtd sprint task task list task management task manager tasks to do app to do list ui ui design ux uxdesign
    View KosmoTime Task Manager
    KosmoTime Task Manager
  24. Selected Works 2017-2020 branding logo presentation selected works the best of ui ux website
    View Selected Works 2017-2020
    Selected Works 2017-2020
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