1. Personal Branding Explorations pt.2 typography texture branding mustache space wood
    View Personal Branding Explorations pt.2
    Personal Branding Explorations pt.2
  2. Personal Branding Explorations comics branding mustache typography
    View Personal Branding Explorations
    Personal Branding Explorations
  3. Nunavut map (detail of CMA infographic) canada illustration infographic location map nunavut
    View Nunavut map (detail of CMA infographic)
    Nunavut map (detail of CMA infographic)
  4. tagMagazine (inside spread) graffiti typography photography editorial toronto
    View tagMagazine (inside spread)
    tagMagazine (inside spread)
  5. Spock & Mirrorverse-Spock end quotes mustache illustration punctuation creations spock star trek party quotation marks
    View Spock & Mirrorverse-Spock end quotes
    Spock & Mirrorverse-Spock end quotes
  6. Sylar & Gabriel Gray quotation marks illustration punctuation creations heroes sylar quotation marks
    View Sylar & Gabriel Gray quotation marks
    Sylar & Gabriel Gray quotation marks
  7. Gentleman comma illustration punctuation creations mustache comma
    View Gentleman comma
    Gentleman comma
  8. Elephant comma illustration punctuation creations elephant comma
    View Elephant comma
    Elephant comma
  9. Whale comma illustration punctuation creations whale comma
    View Whale comma
    Whale comma
  10. sneak peek at a hand-drawn infographic illustration infographic hand-drawn
    View sneak peek at a hand-drawn infographic
    sneak peek at a hand-drawn infographic
  11. More Program stats! infographics graphs annual report typography
    View More Program stats!
    More Program stats!
  12. Program stats graphs infographics annual report typography
    View Program stats
    Program stats
  13. Mutual Respect typography awards
    View Mutual Respect
    Mutual Respect
  14. Creativity typography awards
    View Creativity
  15. Broker Break las vegas illustration typography gambling cards
    View Broker Break
    Broker Break
  16. The Flock & Barrel logo branding english pub wordmark
    View The Flock & Barrel
    The Flock & Barrel
  17. The Goose union jack branding logo pub
    View The Goose
    The Goose
  18. Unitarded Apples apple illustration exercise
    View Unitarded Apples
    Unitarded Apples
  19. Underwater Gentleman whale mustache illustration underwater
    View Underwater Gentleman
    Underwater Gentleman
  20. Cylon Toaster illustration battlestar galactica
    View Cylon Toaster
    Cylon Toaster
  21. Pocket Chu illustration advertising
    View Pocket Chu
    Pocket Chu
  22. Rule of Thumb, No.2 mustache illustration fruit rules guidelines
    View Rule of Thumb, No.2
    Rule of Thumb, No.2
  23. Eccentric British Tea tea mustache sugar illustration
    View Eccentric British Tea
    Eccentric British Tea
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