September 16, 2021

Updated branding and graphics for the new Flowkit dropping soon!

Flowkit for Figma

November 21, 2019

🚀Just shipped Flowkit for Figma. Glad to finally have this out the wild. 📺 See a video of how it works here: https://useflowkit.com/figma ✔ Quick and easy flow creation right inside your favorite tool. ✔ Intelligently-named components ...

CSS Only Animation

October 01, 2019

CSS-only, animated intro screen. Making really good progress on the Figma plugin for Flowkit. See the live version on Codepen.

Flowkit Figma Plugin

September 05, 2019

Designs for the Flowkit Figma Plugin. Made a mini-version for the icons and will probably include this in the library file for 3.0. Still nailing down exact functionality, but I'm thinking that this plugin might replace the actual need ...

Flowkit 2.0

November 06, 2018

A year ago I made and released Flowkit. Now, I've reworked everything based on my own usage and some informal feedback over the months. This shot is a sped up version of creating a high-level flow with Flowkit, in Figma. My number one ...

Flowkit Path Demo

November 17, 2017

A lot of you know how symbol overrides work in Sketch, but I wanted to show a simple way for those that aren't as familiar. This is what I came up with. ✌️ Check out the live version https://sketchflowkit.com

Little Flowkit Flows

November 17, 2017

Had fun making these little guys to show off a few of the symbols in action. The animation is done by adding a class name to the dashed svg code and animating with CSS like this: .fk-path-alt animation: strokeDance 5s infinite ease-in...

Flowkit – Sketch Library

November 17, 2017

This little OCD side project turned into something much more. I spent several weeks fine-tuning the most robust and intelligently-named symbol collection for user flows, content maps, etc. I could possibly muster. So I never had to draw ...