Finishing touches

January 30, 2015

Reviewing the final touches of this site. Having fun with this modal animation.

Interior Page in-Progress

December 23, 2014

Working on some interior pages for this site. The brand colors are teal and need to stay that way, but I'm kind of digging this reddish color for the primary CTAs. *full screenshot attached --- What do you think about keeping teal as...

MM - Devices

December 19, 2014

Tweaked this previous shot's layout a bit and created a mobile version as well. Plus, placing the screens contextually helps sell the design to the client. ;) Full-size desktop and mobile screens attached.

Martens Marine Home Concept

December 19, 2014

Working on a home page layout. Things may change. Feedback welcome. See attached for full size view. Their brand color is blue, but I love the red. Revised version here.

Vessel Element Collage

December 15, 2014

Venturing into the post-wireframe pre-design phase of this project with an Element Collage, a term coined by @Dan Mall. I've found these collages help loosen the creative process and remove client feedback such as "we need picture X inst...

Responsive Navigation

December 10, 2014

After 8 months of using Sketch exclusively for UI, I'm digging back into Photoshop to keep things fresh and starting an element collage for this project. You can see a larger view with more breakpoints, attached. Repurposed the device ...