Pull to Refresh Concept

February 25, 2015

Pull to refresh concept. Make sure you view @2x. --- FAQ → http://mds.is/animating-dribbble-shots/

Munching Squirrel Loader

February 24, 2015

Working on a few different custom loader concepts. This one is a squirrel going to town on a nut. Make sure to view @2x. --- FAQ → http://mds.is/animating-dribbble-shots/

Coming Soon To A State Near You

February 09, 2015

A little modal form design for people who want Roadie to be available in their state. View 2x, or else it looks like blurry poop. See attached to view the state select dropdown and float label error message handling.

Coverage Area

January 14, 2015

I made a stylistic map to show the coverage area of a thing.

Beloved Squirrel Painting

November 19, 2014

Gig in-progress. I made a demo animation for the dev team's reference http://mds.sh/roadie/on-my-way/ (flash)

Home on mobile

October 16, 2014

Playing around with an animated version of this design and trying to get the hang of AE. Couldn't upload the retina version because the file was too big. Here's a larger, slower version. File created using this template.


October 14, 2014

Working on a responsive marketing site.


October 06, 2014

Interstitial screen for earning a badge. Who doesn't love waffles?