InformAnalytics by Matt Olpinski

InformAnalytics is an economic impact analysis tool that helps local communities and governments make smart, responsible decisions with taxpayer dollars.

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InformAnalytics Features

December 23, 2016

Working on the features page for the InformAnalytics marketing website. Trying out some duotone gradients and content that stretches beyond the traditional container elements for added depth. Copywriting is my own work as well. I'd love...

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InformAnalytics Marketing Website

December 21, 2016

Another look at the new home page I designed for the InformAnalytics project. Super happy with how this came out. It will do wonders for the conversion rate which is currently non-existent. Check out the difference between the old websi...

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InformAnalytics Web App

December 21, 2016

This project is the main reason why I've been slacking on writing articles and posting anything on social media lately. It's been a massive undertaking redesigning this outdated web application, but the results are incredible. The main ...

InformAnalytics Home Page

December 21, 2016

Just finished designing a home page for the InformAnalytics marketing website. I also wrote all the copy in an attempt to convert more visitors into leads for the client. Overall I'm really happy with how this turned out and how it repre...

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InformAnalytics Logo

December 21, 2016

Trying my hand at a new logo for a client. In the past, logo design has not been my strongest skill, but this was in desperate need of an upgrade especially after I chose the new color scheme for the UI. Check out the attached new logo ...