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11 Projects

  1. InformAnalytics is an economic impact analysis tool that helps local communities and governments make smart, responsible decisions with taxpayer dollars.
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    Updated December 23, 2016
    1. VinTrades is a mobile app that allows dealers to trade vehicles more easily than ever by bringing technology to a manual, outdated trading process.
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      Updated November 15, 2016
      1. A social platform built specifically for smart, passionate homeowners.
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        Updated June 21, 2016
        1. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is an international non-profit organization that brings college students together to spread God's love, word, and ministry.
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          Updated December 21, 2016
          1. FitLegit is a fitness tracker that recommends meals to help you hit your goal weight. With FitLegit, you can easily track your progress and plan your day.
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            Updated February 04, 2016
            1. Cinematique is a touchable video player and website that lets you discover, shop, and share everything you like in a video during or after playback.
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              Updated November 20, 2015