October 12, 2017

Unused mark for a project in beta. Baroque architecture has nothing to do with the project. Thanks Bernini! ✨

JR mark

July 26, 2017

Before moving out to SF, this was a project @Sam Stratton and I wrapped up at Twin Forrest. This mark is for a real estate company in Savannah. The 22 dots have significance across the identity system. I can share more once the brand has...


February 01, 2017

Hooray! 🎉 We’ve updated the Twin Forrest identity—all black and white—and launched a new website ⇢ www.twinforrest.com. Some of the projects have been updated as well. We’ve also got new case studies lined up soon! Stay tuned!


January 20, 2017

I haven’t taken the time to invest in a personal project for too long. But something is in the works. It could end up being not much of anything …or it could be nothing at all. This isn’t a final mark as much as it is exciting to see ide...


October 13, 2016

Mark proposal. We’re really excited to build out and show more of the identity system here.


September 15, 2016

Exploring concepts around input/output and feedback loops. This is a fun project and will have a to show as it unfolds.


September 08, 2016

Aiming for a defensive motif that doesn’t get too far from an offensive aesthetic.

Untitled 3

August 15, 2016

Definitely a work-in-progress.