1. TOTK 3d amiibo animation cinema4d design illustration joycon link loop motion nintendo nintendo switch redshift tears of the kingdom zelda
    View TOTK
  2. hello. 3d animation apple cinema4d computer design hello imac loop mac macintosh motion rainbow redshift ui
    View hello.
  3. Little Red Dot 🔴 3d animation camera cinema4d design film leica loop m6 motion red dot redshift
    View Little Red Dot 🔴
    Little Red Dot 🔴
  4. Feels good man. 3d animation c4d cartoon crypto frog illustration loop motion pepe pepe the frog redshift
    View Feels good man.
    Feels good man.
  5. Distracted lately. 3d amiibo animation apple arnold design desk desk setup float google gravity home office ikea logitech loop macbook pro maya motion pc remote work
    View Distracted lately.
    Distracted lately.
  6. Week 11 - Play it Loud! 2021 3d after effects animation arnold game boy gameboy gradient isometric loop low poly maya motion nft nintendo videogame
    View Week 11 - Play it Loud! 2021
    Week 11 - Play it Loud! 2021
  7. Non-fungible emotions 3d animation arnold balloon cryptoart dynamics emoji emotions isometric loop maya motion nft
    View Non-fungible emotions
    Non-fungible emotions
  8. Ape Gelato 3d arnold branding design gelato ice cream truck icecream illustration isometric low poly maya seagull truck
    View Ape Gelato
    Ape Gelato
  9. Bits & Bytes 3d animation bits black hole candy cinema4d data data visualization design dynamics loop motion redshift simulation
    View Bits & Bytes
    Bits & Bytes
  10. Pop Zoom 3d aalto animation apple cloth dynamics illustration logo loop motion simulation sticker
    View Pop Zoom
    Pop Zoom
  11. The Michael Scott Paper Company. 3d animation cinema4d cloth design folds isometric loop motion paper redshift simulation
    View The Michael Scott Paper Company.
    The Michael Scott Paper Company.
  12. Week 22 - Tomato Soup 3d andy warhol animation arnold campbells design illustration isometric logo loop maya modern art moma motion pop art popart soup can tomato tomato soup warhol
    View Week 22 - Tomato Soup
    Week 22 - Tomato Soup
  13. Week 17 - Material UI 3d 3d ui animation arnold design dynamics frosted glass interactive isometric loop material ui maya motion toggle ui user experience user interface
    View Week 17 - Material UI
    Week 17 - Material UI
  14. Buongiorno 3d alarm animation braun c4d cinema4d clock loop morning motion
    View Buongiorno
  15. Week 09 - Moving along 3d after effects animation arnold balls dynamics gif isometric loop mash maya motion satisfying squeeze stairs surreal surrealism
    View Week 09 - Moving along
    Week 09 - Moving along
  16. Week 08 - 1993-2021 3d after effects animation arnold daft punk daftpunk edm epilogue helmet isometric loop maya motion ram robot warp
    View Week 08 - 1993-2021
    Week 08 - 1993-2021
  17. Anniversary 6 3d anniversary arnold clay design illustration maya oculus oculus quill painting portrait quill ragdoll virtual reality vr vr painting year
    View Anniversary 6
    Anniversary 6
  18. Happy Valerie's Day 3d animation c4d candy cinema4d design dynamics hearts illustration isometric loop motion simulation valentine valentines day
    View Happy Valerie's Day
    Happy Valerie's Day
  19. Week 23 - Sightseeing 3d animation architecture arnold cgi city europe handheld loop maya motion railway renaissance sightseeing train
    View Week 23 - Sightseeing
    Week 23 - Sightseeing
  20. Week 21 - Stool 60 3d aalto alvar aalto animation arnold artek birch design finland furniture furniture design loop maya motion stacking stool wood
    View Week 21 - Stool 60
    Week 21 - Stool 60
  21. Week 20 - Space Express 2077 3d amazon animation apple arnold boxes cardboard delivery design dynamics fedex gif maya motion nasa package shipping space ups
    View Week 20 - Space Express 2077
    Week 20 - Space Express 2077
  22. Week 19 - Ray Tracing 911 3d animation automotive car design loop motion neon nvidia porsche porsche 911 ray tracing realtime reflections rtx sports car unreal unreal engine unreal engine 4
    View Week 19 - Ray Tracing 911
    Week 19 - Ray Tracing 911
  23. Week 18 - Espresso Rosso 3d after effects animation arnold coffee design espresso espresso machine firenze illustration italia la marzocco loop maya motion
    View Week 18 - Espresso Rosso
    Week 18 - Espresso Rosso
  24. Week 16 - Climbing 3d animation arnold climb dynamics hiking loop maya motion rope tangle tension
    View Week 16 - Climbing
    Week 16 - Climbing
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