1. David Consuegra: from Bucaramanga with love sticker ai vector illustration malacostra
    View David Consuegra: from Bucaramanga with love
    David Consuegra: from Bucaramanga with love
  2. Book: Lope de Aguirre in the theater freebies download indesign psd ai design art collage art book design illustration malacostra design
    View Book: Lope de Aguirre in the theater
    Book: Lope de Aguirre in the theater
  3. Anna & Otto restaurant branding logo branding ai wip design design art vector illustration malacostra
    View Anna & Otto
    Anna & Otto
  4. Dario Fo typography logo poster design branding design art collage art design ai wip malacostra
    View Dario Fo
    Dario Fo
  5. Ilustrafun wip animation character design vector book collage art book design design art design ai illustration malacostra
    View Ilustrafun
  6. Semanario indesign education characters book cover book design wip design art book design editorial design ai vector character design illustration malacostra
    View Semanario
  7. Proud wolves character design cartoon line illustration art jungle brown wolves animals vector illustration ai malacostra
    View Proud wolves
    Proud wolves
  8. Anatomía de una caída indesign indesign template design poetry testimonial editorial design book design book cover book wip malacostra
    View Anatomía de una caída
    Anatomía de una caída
  9. Monologue festival orange symetry geometric design theatre design vector wip ai poster design malacostra minimalist
    View Monologue festival
    Monologue festival
  10. Polymnia design art poster art print wip branding ai malacostra design poster
    View Polymnia
  11. Moreau logo collage art design art ai wip vector branding illustration design malacostra
    View Moreau
  12. Moreau vector design art icon logo wip malacostra psd design ai typography branding illustration design collage art poster design
    View Moreau
  13. Malacostra education illustration characters frontend header illustration design website animation vector character design ai collage art design malacostra design art
    View Malacostra
  14. Malacostra ai design art vector malacostra character design design frontend header header illustration illustration design design website
    View Malacostra
  15. Burn Something wip ai design art vector collage art illustration character design malacostra
    View Burn Something
    Burn Something
  16. Chano Pozo pastel colors ai music art illustrator chano pozo animation illustration malacostra book design editorial design character design
    View Chano Pozo
    Chano Pozo
  17. Larga trayectoria theatrical fonts education dramaturgy editorial design book design malacostra design
    View Larga trayectoria
    Larga trayectoria
  18. Pinzón Cardona solid color black and white line art construction industrial design logo design branding design
    View Pinzón Cardona
    Pinzón Cardona
  19. Semanario collage art design character design malacostra editorial illustration editorial design editorial art book design book illustration
    View Semanario
  20. Ilustrafun collage art design art vector character design illustration characters design wip animation malacostra
    View Ilustrafun
  21. Crucigramista visual design malacostra rodrigo candamil characters ilustration collage art theater design design art poster art
    View Crucigramista
  22. David Consuegra museography malacostra open rooms bucaramanga colombia design serigraphy david consuegra exhibition
    View David Consuegra
    David Consuegra
  23. El Lenguaje de las cosas wip lifestyle photography editorial design book design book cover
    View El Lenguaje de las cosas
    El Lenguaje de las cosas
  24. Diseño por sonrisas donate poster character design malacostra wip minimal flat vector animation design illustration
    View Diseño por sonrisas
    Diseño por sonrisas
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