1. Why you cried? cry girl mark question mark symbol tear why women
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    Why you cried?
  2. d is for detail logo type logo web
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    d is for detail
  3. Baby Adoption adoption baby badge judge love
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    Baby Adoption
  4. 1 year anniversary anniversary badge couple love relationship year
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    1 year anniversary
  5. 7 Wonders in the world 7 wonder chichen itza christ colosseum explore great wall machu picchu petra pyramid taj mahal travel world
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    7 Wonders in the world
  6. fitness level badges - male badge fitness level male workout
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    fitness level badges - male
  7. fitness level badges - female badge female fit girl icon level workout
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    fitness level badges - female
  8. Two mountains & a cloud a ace cloud logo mountain
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    Two mountains & a cloud
  9. Owl bird owl sketch
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  10. Christmas cards board game card christmas
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    Christmas cards
  11. GA-0507 camera gift
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  12. Look Up apple fun logo 
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    Look Up
  13. Poor Robot fun logo uniqlo
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    Poor Robot
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