1. Birthday Cupcake illustration
    Birthday Cupcake
  2. Ovr Mark mark logo
    Ovr Mark
  3. Ballpark in the Round baseball field park stadium sport shadow flat grass circle for fun
    Ballpark in the Round
  4. AAC Experiment aac college basketball sports american athletic conference collegiate american athletic conference for fun logo bw
    AAC Experiment
  5. MVC concept psychiatrist counceling logo green conversation bubble speech couch
    MVC concept
  6. Go Team! Wall wallpaper baseball misc go team
    Go Team! Wall
  7. Logomark logo wip feedback
  8. misc. logo logo drip drop ink wip
    misc. logo
  9. King Fencing
    King Fencing
  10. Starks Logo logo wrestler aggressive hand-lettering wip
    Starks Logo
  11. "Midnight" Typeface typeface condensed wip
    "Midnight" Typeface
  12. Last of the Light fine-art printmaking black white alien world
    Last of the Light
  13. Not Enough Sheep printmaking print fine-art linocut reductive blue green tv lamp zombie night dream
    Not Enough Sheep
  14. Octo-Cube 1 wip vectorizing sketch water octopus creature zombie for fun dot grid
    Octo-Cube 1
  15. Paper Boat personal logo mark bw blue green aqua geometric origami paper boat facet polygon abstract initials for fun
    Paper Boat
  16. J.Raven logo personal typography hand-lettering purple eggplant villain wip 525 pantone 525
  17. Customer Commitment cover orange guide typography warm lost type
    Customer Commitment
  18. Toggle Slider toggle switch metallic clean illustrator grey minimal
    Toggle Slider
  19. Available available work hire part-time full-time contract freelancer red blue available for hire self-employed logo designer
  20. Windigo topography blue green personal fish location coordinates map minnesota lake depth map for fun
  21. block N n for fun personal orange bevel logo
    block N
  22. Bday Wishes personal for fun double shot orange smoke
    Bday Wishes
  23. Hourglass for fun blue
  24. AN Re-Logo personal logo initials wip concept
    AN Re-Logo
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