1. Where we work lecture graphing graph layout ui lecture presentation black statistics design ux keynote animation funnel jobs product design
    Where we work lecture
  2. I joined DocuSign! floating action button iphonex black indigo design system typeface typography footer browser email identity business card contact fab desktop mobile new job docusign ui responsive
    I joined DocuSign!
  3. How to Sign In: Tell them to watch their step onboarding sign up sign in ux writing password requirements hint ux ui ios app native
    How to Sign In: Tell them to watch their step
  4. New Typeface brand symbol identity logo logotype wordmark branding lowercase heavy black tote typedesign type geometric sanserif typeface
    New Typeface
  5. Blue - Resume and Cover Letter google slides print personal branding cover letter blue poppins grotesk grotesque resume
    Blue - Resume and Cover Letter
  6. Location Detail Carousel immersive swipe fab cafe app native ios iphonex ui carousel location pin location
    Location Detail Carousel
  7. App Delayed Sign Up walkthrough iphonex button emoji pill icons categories tabs list discovery prompt login home screen signin signup delayed ios app ui ux
    App Delayed Sign Up
  8. Skateboard Invention Rebranding icon design circle illustration illusion optical illusion logomark yellow patent logotype logo branding rebrand
    Skateboard Invention Rebranding
  9. Donation Tracking app trend gradient analytics dashboard usage products iphone x money slider water contributions donations live graphing metrics ui app native ios
    Donation Tracking app
  10. Ollie - Resume and Cover Letter digital template teal project manager powerpoint keynote google slides google fonts print cover letter cv resume
    Ollie - Resume and Cover Letter
  11. Dense - Resume and Cover Letter digital print pdf powerpoint keynote google slides google fonts blue manager product template clean cv resume
    Dense - Resume and Cover Letter
  12. Memories Timeline mvp simple time line dates tags icons illustration fab tabs filter ios list view empty state iphone xs max iphone xs timeline
    Memories Timeline
  13. Priming for Notifications allow skip heart illustration ios native notification prime priming iphonex ui app
    Priming for Notifications
  14. App Profile profile photo icon floating action button settings account menu form fields edit progress bar ios app profile iphone x
    App Profile
  15. Tango App Icon & Logotype gradient tile custom icons illustration iphone app icon ios logo design logotype brand identity appstore product branding app logo
    Tango App Icon & Logotype
  16. iphone x tab bar icons native app ios arrow inactive active shaded empty state fab icons tab bar iphone x
    iphone x tab bar icons
  17. App Icons iphone x purple pattern glasses disco shoe shake categories design system shading icons highlight
    App Icons
  18. Official Patent snowboard skateboard government green schematic diagram din patent layers typography invention
    Official Patent
  19. Brand Colors bold serif purple branding color typography
    Brand Colors
  20. Flu Tracker health location search illustration desert cactus site mobile
    Flu Tracker
  21. Hideaway logo sign overlay overlap gold script signage
  22. Forms states design system input form desktop native app
  23. Empty State Illustration gray spot background subtle cta magnifying glass map illustration state empty
    Empty State Illustration
  24. Sharing Illustration background slurpy cup straw modal illustration spot sharing
    Sharing Illustration
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