1. Getting the Word Out editorial feature magazine
    Getting the Word Out
  2. Answering the Call editorial feature magazine
    Answering the Call
  3. Apocalypse. Ready. magazine feature editorial
    Apocalypse. Ready.
  4. The Arts @ Brooks magazine feature editorial
    The Arts @ Brooks
  5. Cataloguing & Unearthing editorial feature magazine
    Cataloguing & Unearthing
  6. BA Cover option cover
    BA Cover
  7. The Last Hurricane magazine feature editorial
    The Last Hurricane
  8. Shouting the F Word magazine feature editorial
    Shouting the F Word
  9. Live a Great Story editorial magazine feature
    Live a Great Story
  10. A Good Place to Call Home editorial magazine feature
    A Good Place to Call Home
  11. No Whey! editorial magazine feature
    No Whey!
  12. Emma in the City editorial magazine feature
    Emma in the City
  13. Connection Conundrum editorial magazine feature
    Connection Conundrum
  14. Class of 2015 editorial graduation magazine
    Class of 2015
  15. Shining Light magazine feature editorial
    Shining Light
  16. Singularly St. George's magazine editorial infographic
    Singularly St. George's
  17. St George's Bulletin magazine redesign
    St George's Bulletin
  18. The Bird Man magazine feature editorial
    The Bird Man
  19. Unshakeable Faith magazine feature editorial
    Unshakeable Faith
  20. The Making of a Play magazine feature editorial
    The Making of a Play
  21. President Q&A feature magazine editorial
    President Q&A
  22. Signature Program feature magazine editorial
    Signature Program
  23. I am St. George feature magazine editorial
    I am St. George
  24. Hollywood Sidebar sidebar feature magazine editorial
    Hollywood Sidebar
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