Bb00fd14001a8cdd5e0e354df52a7fa4 Intel "The Chase"

by Ben Cline

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  data viz 2

HTML5 Interactive DataViz Pitch

Full design comps here -

August 11, 2011


Intel FB Experience

Original FB design direction comps here Big thanks to Venables Bell & Partners ...

May 01, 2011

 full hd


I can't take credit for the photo of the lady (actress) but it will be available for hi-res download within the Facebook app. This technically houses a video...

April 28, 2011

    00 cast

toggle buttons & ribbon

Another crop of a facebook tab design

April 18, 2011

    data viz

Interactive Data Viz

full design comps here - A secret ;)

March 30, 2011

Shot 1297851955

Base of Wall of fame & FB tab

February 16, 2011

Shot 1297648399

Wall of Fame

part of a facebook tab

February 13, 2011