1. Klaviyo Holiday Show 2020 event branding event splash page splash visual direction holiday design holiday landing page design landing page website design
    View Klaviyo Holiday Show 2020
    Klaviyo Holiday Show 2020
  2. Klaviyo Iconography 2020 stats computer vector design iconography illustration identity branding icon
    View Klaviyo Iconography 2020
    Klaviyo Iconography 2020
  3. Happy Holidays ugly sweater christmas sweater boston klaviyo snowflake christmas holiday sweater
    View Happy Holidays
    Happy Holidays
  4. Laptop stickers
    View Laptop stickers
    Laptop stickers
  5. Objectives Tab Redesign
    View Objectives Tab Redesign
    Objectives Tab Redesign
  6. "I voted" digital sticker sticker voting vote2020 illustration
    View "I voted" digital sticker
    "I voted" digital sticker
  7. Virtual Two Truths and a Lie vote quizz twotruths quiz poll game chart avatars animation
    View Virtual Two Truths and a Lie
    Virtual Two Truths and a Lie
  8. Klaviyo SMS Builder input cards mobile web app web apps webdesign builder content builder mms sms marketing
    View Klaviyo SMS Builder
    Klaviyo SMS Builder
  9. DESIGNIVAL: It's a design event! product design ux design design event event boston
    View DESIGNIVAL: It's a design event!
    DESIGNIVAL: It's a design event!
  10. Wi-Fi Signage Iteration signage graphic design progress
    View Wi-Fi Signage Iteration
    Wi-Fi Signage Iteration
  11. Klaviyo Design Podcast Episode 6 – Presentation Design presentation podcast design chat
    View Klaviyo Design Podcast Episode 6 – Presentation Design
    Klaviyo Design Podcast Episode 6 – Presentation Design
  12. Klaviyo Design Podcast Episode 5 – Time Management time management chat design podcast
    View Klaviyo Design Podcast Episode 5 – Time Management
    Klaviyo Design Podcast Episode 5 – Time Management
  13. Messaging Presentation Graphics messaging iconography email marketing
    View Messaging Presentation Graphics
    Messaging Presentation Graphics
  14. Greyscale Deliverability Icons deliverability email iconography
    View Greyscale Deliverability Icons
    Greyscale Deliverability Icons
  15. Expandable Menu Exploration menus expandable navigation ux
    View Expandable Menu Exploration
    Expandable Menu Exploration
  16. Flow Builder ui ux analytics cards drag drop ecommerce marketing builder email email automation
    View Flow Builder
    Flow Builder
  17. Dashboard Objectives Tabs video tab bar navigation card dashboard
    View Dashboard Objectives Tabs
    Dashboard Objectives Tabs
  18. Paper Icons paper robot typogaphy numeral icons illustation
    View Paper Icons
    Paper Icons
  19. Klaviyo Pricing Page - update pricing plan slider web design pricing page pricing table pricing
    View Klaviyo Pricing Page - update
    Klaviyo Pricing Page - update
  20. Klaviyo Community Heart Pin event branding swag pin design pin badge
    View Klaviyo Community Heart Pin
    Klaviyo Community Heart Pin
  21. Email Sno-Cone tshirt design email marketing logo illustration
    View Email Sno-Cone
    Email Sno-Cone
  22. Campaigns Analytics Page software reporting navigation marketing icons email dashboard cards analytics
    View Campaigns Analytics Page
    Campaigns Analytics Page
  23. Reimagining Klaviyo's Campaigns dashboard search cards analytics navigation filter table icons email marketing reporting software
    View Reimagining Klaviyo's Campaigns
    Reimagining Klaviyo's Campaigns
  24. Reimagining Klaviyo's analytics software reporting marketing email icons navigation analytics cards dashboard
    View Reimagining Klaviyo's analytics
    Reimagining Klaviyo's analytics
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