1. The Drunken Fox drinking drink practice red beer illustrator drunken drunk fox pub fictional logo
    View The Drunken Fox
    The Drunken Fox
  2. Marcus Miller practice daily hat guitar bass illustrator vector illsutration marcus miller
    View Marcus Miller
    Marcus Miller
  3. Bang! crack glasses cartoon illutrator illustration ouch accident car window crash bang bird
    View Bang!
  4. Space Helmet practice photoshop spacesuit suit space lineart line single line white black animation logo
    View Space Helmet
    Space Helmet
  5. Foodyny logo guides simple round spoon fork red after effects illustrator foodyny food animation logo
    View Foodyny logo
    Foodyny logo
  6. Aura Musicale - website wordpress bootstrap 4 hungarian hungary music web ux ui typography minimal simple blackwhite design webdesign
    View Aura Musicale - website
    Aura Musicale - website
  7. 5AM Coffee cup illustration illustrator early morning five clock red brown coffee morning
    View 5AM Coffee
    5AM Coffee
  8. Saint Ephraim Male Choir website ux ui saint musician music concerts parallax red choir male sitebuild webdesign
    View Saint Ephraim Male Choir website
    Saint Ephraim Male Choir website
  9. It's time practice weekend fun beer tap beer animate animation illustration after effects
    View It's time
    It's time
  10. Haircut - vector illustration blade barbershop barber illustrator illustration haircut scrissors vector
    View Haircut - vector illustration
    Haircut - vector illustration
  11. Werner&Gossler - wedding stamp line island water lighthouse illustrator round simple logo stamp wedding
    View Werner&Gossler - wedding stamp
    Werner&Gossler - wedding stamp
  12. Connectini - logo variations v2 (WIP) cog c letter c letter logo infinity vector connections connect car management app car app car wip map marker tyre draft illustrator logo branding
    View Connectini - logo variations v2 (WIP)
    Connectini - logo variations v2 (WIP)
  13. Merida - vector illustration practice daily detailed adobe illustrator illustration vector mountain bike mtb bike
    View Merida - vector illustration
    Merida - vector illustration
  14. Inteliza Logo Animation loading website brand branding inteliza ae gold yellow white animation logo
    View Inteliza Logo Animation
    Inteliza Logo Animation
  15. Kodály Competition Debrecen – logo branding and identity identity design brand identity brand design brand stamp design stamp circle logo hungary hungarian branding vector illustrator logo design logo
    View Kodály Competition Debrecen – logo
    Kodály Competition Debrecen – logo
  16. ODPictures logo circles cyan design vector logo illustrator
    View ODPictures logo
    ODPictures logo
  17. OTDK logo university hungary hungarian letterlogo green design vector logo ui typography illustrator
    View OTDK logo
    OTDK logo
  18. Monochrome characters bankomat atm face icon call center angry old lady telecom telecommunications black and white monochrome characters
    View Monochrome characters
    Monochrome characters
  19. Inteliza Webdesign sketch responsive user interface ui website web inteliza gold yellow black parallax webdesign
    View Inteliza Webdesign
    Inteliza Webdesign
  20. A/B? Bartók in Motion | title experiment #03 art deco bauhaus handlettering hungary hungarian drafts draft versions vote experimentation experiment typography design branding logo typo typography signo bartokbela bartók bartok
    View A/B? Bartók in Motion | title experiment #03
    A/B? Bartók in Motion | title experiment #03
  21. KD logo animation experiment practice illustration vector illustrator after effects animation logo
    View KD logo animation experiment
    KD logo animation experiment
  22. Maschietto - logo v01 glass water blue design typography m logo logo alphabet typo logo vector illustrator branding logo
    View Maschietto - logo v01
    Maschietto - logo v01
  23. Találkozó Veled - logo v01. people group illustrator stamp hungarian luther rose rose christian lutheran branding vector draft logo
    View Találkozó Veled - logo v01.
    Találkozó Veled - logo v01.
  24. Connectini - logo variations (WIP) wip car app car management carservice car connections connect map marker web app icon illustrator draft branding vector logo
    View Connectini - logo variations (WIP)
    Connectini - logo variations (WIP)
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