1. Team Pricing Page pricing plans plans clipchamp price card ui product design billing subscription pricing page pricing
    View Team Pricing Page
    Team Pricing Page
  2. Sidebar home workspace home page clipchamp ui product design design navigation sidebar
    View Sidebar
  3. Account Menu account menu avatar settings profile menu account ux video editing clipchamp ui product design design
    View Account Menu
    Account Menu
  4. Replace Timeline Media video replace media timeline ae animation after effects ux ui video editing clipchamp product design
    View Replace Timeline Media
    Replace Timeline Media
  5. Facebook Profile Redesign user mobile app tablet app app design native app ios ipad iphone mobile ux social network social social media facebook profile profile facebook redesign ui product design
    View Facebook Profile Redesign
    Facebook Profile Redesign
  6. Screen Recording Widget video component screen record record video editing ui product design design clipchamp desktop widget widget screen recorder video recording recording screen recording
    View Screen Recording Widget
    Screen Recording Widget
  7. Change Email Modal verify resend clipchamp flow verification code verification email address account settings account change email dialog modal email ux ui product design design
    View Change Email Modal
    Change Email Modal
  8. Clipchamp Phone Import importing iphone web mobile web app airdrop video editing audio image video files transfer phone import import media mobile phone clipchamp ui product design design
    View Clipchamp Phone Import
    Clipchamp Phone Import
  9. Edit Payment Details Form edit details clipchamp paypal credit card dialog modal payment form account details account billing details billing payment edit product design design
    View Edit Payment Details Form
    Edit Payment Details Form
  10. New Feature Tooltip code magic motion design ui product design prototyping framer web framer motion animation new feature cue tooltip
    View New Feature Tooltip
    New Feature Tooltip
  11. Cloud Sync Menu menu card progress animation after effects animation after effects clipchamp video editing media backup file backup syncing sync cloud sync menu ui product design design
    View Cloud Sync Menu
    Cloud Sync Menu
  12. Geometric Letterforms personal branding branding concept font design retro font 80s 70s identity design branding and identity retro geometric design letterform geometric typography art typography type branding design
    View Geometric Letterforms
    Geometric Letterforms
  13. House Heating Album Cover film photo monochrome black white photography photo house music design album cover design album artwork album cover album art
    View House Heating Album Cover
    House Heating Album Cover
  14. Video Compression & Conversion Widget format states switch tabs thumbnails widget tool compressor conversion converter convert compress compression video clipchamp video editing ux ui product design design
    View Video Compression & Conversion Widget
    Video Compression & Conversion Widget
  15. Favourites Empty State ui design clipchamp collect video editing media project library video empty empty states empty state favoriting favouriting favorites favorite favourites favourite
    View Favourites Empty State
    Favourites Empty State
  16. Account Settings payment media clipchamp video editing settings page redesign general profile account settings manage billing billing settings accounts
    View Account Settings
    Account Settings
  17. Video Resolution Picker software tech principle figma iterating iterations clipchamp 1080p resolution video ui video editing ux design product design
    View Video Resolution Picker
    Video Resolution Picker
  18. Colour Picker colour palette colour scheme color palette hex rgb colour picker color picker colours colors colour color ui ux design product design
    View Colour Picker
    Colour Picker
  19. Clipchamp Toasts design system web app information snack bar toast snackbar video editing design ux ui product design
    View Clipchamp Toasts
    Clipchamp Toasts
  20. Time Clock Shift Slider android app mobile app mobile android ios tabs slider workforce time and attendance design ui ux product design
    View Time Clock Shift Slider
    Time Clock Shift Slider
  21. Uplift Fitness Business Card logo design business business card print design print business card design branding strength training fitness
    View Uplift Fitness Business Card
    Uplift Fitness Business Card
  22. Facebook Ad Maker social media facebook facebook ads video creation template video editor ux video video editing product design
    View Facebook Ad Maker
    Facebook Ad Maker
  23. Clipchamp Referral Page video editing invite desktop app clipchamp referral ui design product design
    View Clipchamp Referral Page
    Clipchamp Referral Page
  24. Tanda Time Clock animation ux android tablet ipad tablet react native time clock workforce development product design ux ui design ui
    View Tanda Time Clock
    Tanda Time Clock
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