Facebook Profile Redesign

A redesign of Facebook profiles for iPhone and iPad. Check out the iPhone prototype and the iPad prototype!

For this redesign I addressed issues I identified in the current design, such as inconsistent icon styles, the inability to easily message the person whose profile you're looking at once you've scrolled down, and the clutter that can occur in the "About" section when you show current and former employers.

The cover photo was removed; often it is cropped on mobile devices yet is more prominent than the profile photo. Instead, I enlarged the profile photo and made it the sole image as I believe it provides a more personal representation of the user.

I wanted the profile to feel like a digital snapshot of the person rather than the giant timeline of posts it feels like now, while also trying to discourage mindless scrolling. Consequently, the profile ends at the posts section and you can consciously choose to scroll horizontally to view their posts. You can also now filter posts on someone else's profile in order to find a particular post easier or use the new scrubber below the posts to quickly navigate through all of them.

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