1. Manchester United's Premier League Top Scorers 19/20 data visualization data practice 17 manchester united premier league stats infographic sport goals martial rashford typography sketchapp sketch minimal brand logo branding jrdickie
    Manchester United's Premier League Top Scorers 19/20
  2. Less is More! jrdickie photoshop ui branding simplicity less is more ethos inspirational quote artist designer quote design leonardo da vinci quoteoftheday minimal clean design quote
    Less is More!
  3. Manchester United Goalscorer's 16/7/20 football sport premier league martial rashford goal man utd data viz data visualization stats graph bubbles infographic sketchapp minimal brand logo branding design jrdickie
    Manchester United Goalscorer's 16/7/20
  4. Manchester United Goals 4/7/20 red data visualization minimal statistics adidas man utd manchester united soccer sketchapp sketch practice football stats data leaderboard sport infographic design jrdickie
    Manchester United Goals 4/7/20
  5. My First Blog Post logo icon duotone jrdickie antlers stag weakness personal branding brand practice challenge blogger portfolio website cycling content blogging blog
    My First Blog Post
  6. Manchester United's current PL Scorers clean minimal goals graph soccer sports red devils manchester united man utd stats football data visualisation data visualization statistics bubbles data sketchapp sketch design jrdickie
    Manchester United's current PL Scorers
  7. DailyUI #065 Notes Widget graphic design user interface notes app tasks list minimal clean 065 dailyui 065 dailyuichallenge mobile app uidesign notes widget widget dailyui notes ui design jrdickie
    DailyUI #065 Notes Widget
  8. Manchester United's all time top scorers sketch ui data viz bubble graph man utd gold bubbles statistics stats sport minimal football soccer infographic graph data visualization data jrdickie
    Manchester United's all time top scorers
  9. DailyUI #060 Colour Picker sketchapp dailyuichallenge uidesign minimal design jrdickie photo colours website app mobile challenge user interface 60 060 colour picker dailyui 060
    DailyUI #060 Colour Picker
  10. DailyUI #066 Statistics infographic graph user interface premier league sports soccer football 066 chart bubble graph man utd data dailyui 066 dailyui statistics stats bubble ui design jrdickie
    DailyUI #066 Statistics
  11. DailyUI #057 Video Player clean user interface challenge web app progress bar button icon video website video player dailyui 057 057 dailyui uidesign sketchapp ui minimal design jrdickie
    DailyUI #057 Video Player
  12. JRDICKIE.COM brand identity logo design logo icon portfolio clean minimal launch graphic designer uidesign ui antlers stag brand websdesign web websites website branding jrdickie
  13. DailyUI #063 Best of 2019 website clean ui movie 1917 film cta button user interface 063 best of 2019 clean gradients dailyui 063 dailyui uidesign sketch ui minimal design jrdickie
    DailyUI #063 Best of 2019
  14. DailyUI #062 Workout of the day uidesignchallenge minimal clean workout of the day workout uidesigner button weekly sketchapp running dailyui062 dailyui fitness web app sketch uidesign ui design jrdickie
    DailyUI #062 Workout of the day
  15. DailyUI #061 Redeem Coupon challenge mockup website 61 061 dailyui061 dailyui redeemcoupon redeem coupon mobile app uidesign sketchapp ui sketch minimal branding design jrdickie
    DailyUI #061 Redeem Coupon
  16. DailyUI #059 Background Pattern user interface ui 59 flow aves challenge desktop mobile web 059 background pattern pattern design dailyui 059 pattern dailyuichallenge dailyui design jrdickie
    DailyUI #059 Background Pattern
  17. DailyUI #064 Select User Type modern rating scoring experience users select user type 64 dailyui064 fish 064 dailyui uidesignchallenge clean website desktop uidesign minimal ui design jrdickie
    DailyUI #064 Select User Type
  18. DailyUI #058 Shopping Cart ui dailyui 058 shopping icons e-commerce shop 058 design cart nike trainer mobile jrdickie dailyuichallenge app website shopping cart dailyui058 dailyui
    DailyUI #058 Shopping Cart
  19. DailyUI #056 Breadcrumbs uxdesign design icon dailyuichallenge bike shop e-commerce checkout minimal 056 dailyui 056 uidesign ui clean breadcrumbs dailyui jrdickie
    DailyUI #056 Breadcrumbs
  20. DailyUI #055 Icon Set practice dailyuichallenge icon set dailyui 055 minimal challenge trophy testimonials results reviews targets about dailyui055 clean sketchapp 055 iconset icons dailyui jrdickie
    DailyUI #055 Icon Set
  21. DailyUI #054 Confirmation challenge buttons mobile confirmation sketch dailyui054 dailyui 054 clean ui adidas clean app uxdesign ux uidesign sketchapp ui minimal design jrdickie
    DailyUI #054 Confirmation
  22. DailyUI #053 Header Navigation sketchapp clean nav challenge ipad tablet button call to action stag dailyui053 header navigation header 053 dailyui uidesign ui logo branding design jrdickie
    DailyUI #053 Header Navigation
  23. DailyUI #052 DailyUI Logo web digital website uxdesign ux clean branding brand minimal daily ui 052 052 design logo design logo uidesign ui dailyui jrdickie
    DailyUI #052 DailyUI Logo
  24. MAX Monogram logo design invert monogram design x a m exploration text lettering letters typography minimal icon brand logo branding monogram logo monogram design jrdickie
    MAX Monogram
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