1. Translation app translation translator ui web app web application design
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    Translation app
  2. Penultimate logo evernote flat ios ios7 ipad logo polygons
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    Penultimate logo
  3. Airbnb Smart Pricing airbnb web application web design
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    Airbnb Smart Pricing
  4. Not Craft Instagram Announcements illustration podcast podcast art
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    Not Craft Instagram Announcements
  5. Not Craft Podcast podcast art podcasts
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    Not Craft Podcast
  6. Parrot branding app icon ios logo
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    Parrot branding
  7. Parrot Clips ios app design podcasts
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    Parrot Clips
  8. Hyper Logo logo
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    Hyper Logo
  9. Tax Help chat credit karma help tax
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    Tax Help
  10. Tax Testimonials astronaut credit karma illustration john glenn ohio state tax
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    Tax Testimonials
  11. Credit Karma Tax credit karma dashboard mobile tax
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    Credit Karma Tax
  12. Lilt micro-branding custom type geometry gradient logo
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    Lilt micro-branding
  13. Lilt Website gradient homepage landing page macbook startup web app
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    Lilt Website
  14. Snowball Swiping Animation android animation cards pixate process prototype swipe
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    Snowball Swiping Animation
  15. Snowball Opening Animation animation navigation pixate process prototype sliding tray
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    Snowball Opening Animation
  16. Snowball Promos android cards google play store hand notifications snowball star yeti
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    Snowball Promos
  17. Snowball Navigation android cards carousel navigation proxima nova soft snowball tray
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    Snowball Navigation
  18. Snowball v2 android cards proxima nova soft snowball yeti
    View Snowball v2
    Snowball v2
  19. Abode Brand exploration brand geometric logo
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    Abode Brand exploration
  20. Penultimate V5 evernote ipad paper pen penultimate skeumorphic
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    Penultimate V5
  21. Evernote web app animation drag and drop drawer editor evernote gif navigation tools web web app white
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    Evernote web app
  22. Penultimate 6 blue circle evernote ipad navigation pen penultimate redesign stylus
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    Penultimate 6
  23. Evernote Clearly for Sony Reader black and white clearly evernote sony
    View Evernote Clearly for Sony Reader
    Evernote Clearly for Sony Reader
  24. Penultimate Pens color picker dialog evernote ipad pen pens penultimate stylus
    View Penultimate Pens
    Penultimate Pens
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