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  1. Illustrations for Inside Housing, the leading weekly magazine for housing professionals in the UK.
    4 shots
    Updated July 08, 2016
    1. The Economist magazine explores the economic systems underpinning the continents of Westeros and Essos
      2 shots
      Updated June 22, 2016
      1. Modern Climate asked me to illustrate Intel's Core processors with a series of metaphors on 7 themes: dance, legends, soccer, dogs, yoga, the future and music.
        11 shots
        Updated June 17, 2016
        1. New Internationalist asked me to create 12 images for the 'World in Your Kitchen' Calendar 2013, inspired by vegetarian recipes from across the world.
          4 shots
          Updated January 06, 2016
          1. Spot for a Brakes Group health and safety card
            9 shots
            Updated January 06, 2016
            1. Kenyon College (Ohio) asked me to illustrate a feature about appropriate dress code for their alumni bulletin.
              5 shots
              Updated January 05, 2016