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Photography Animation Film

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************** Send your application directly to **************

I am the owner of Our goal is to inspire and educate people about photography.

The current big project we are working at is a '365 days' challenge/course. The idea is that you go through 1 module a day (a bitesize module per day). If you endure the 365 days, you got good fundamentals to become a fantastic photographer.

To make people excited to enrol, I want to create a small story of why photography allows you to do something meaningful and how it can make the world a better place. It's a craft to be proud of with a lot of opportunities.

The way I see the animation is the projection of photographers in different situations (Underwater, Extreme Sports, Wedding, Family, Historical Events, Street Photography, Cinematic Photography,..). To showcase what you can become. A style we love is similar to this video from Steve Cutts (our video won't be "dark" though").

We have a script ready, this will be shared as soon as we come to an agreement.

Style of the characters in the animation should look like the pdf attached from the podcast.

Some more info:

Our course teacher:

Our website:

Our Podcast:

Our Youtube Channel:

Our podcat art created by London artist Lynn Hatzius: (it would be cool to make the figures in this artwork come alive :) ).

** Important before you apply

* You are a fantastic animator. (would be great if you are an illustrator too).

* You are a good communicator.

** To apply

* Show us the animation video you created you are most proud about. If you don't mention this we will neglect your application.

* Tell us why you would be a good fit for this job.

************** Send your application directly to **************

** Big plus

* it's a big plus if you are a photographer yourself or if you have a huge interest.

Looking forward to receiving your application. If you do a great job this could be a long term collaboration since we will need a lot more illustrations and animations in the future.

If you have questions, you can reach me at 

KInd regards,


Posted 4 months ago
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