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Job Details

Illustrator & Animator

Hiring to create many 2D backgrounds with moving animation for streaming channel.


Project & Work Description:

Looking for illustration skills, animation skills, and I am open to artistic styles you can bring. But I do have reference styles I am thinking for the project.

Currently have 7-15 scenes created in basic stick figure storyboard form that need to be created.

Likely start with one scene to see results before agreeing to bigger contract. But could be return jobs.

Each scene will have a still background (Maybe minor movement like wind in trees, etc.) that is from 1 stationary angel. (Not looking to make 3D but if that is your skill and you have a good idea, I am open to it.)

Over the background there will be limited animation looping for several minutes until the animation changes. Think turning book pages, someone in a chair bouncing their leg, rain dripping down window, etc. (Background stays the same).

There will be 15 to 20 animation changes over the 20–30-minute looping animation/video. These have all been storyboarded by me.

For level of animation on 2D background, think of a mix between Lofi animation and basic cartoon but more toward the Lofi style/complexity with minor animation movement.

Videos will be shown on social media, streaming services, and other mediums for you to reference as your work.

Happy to give credit to artists work when feasible, per each streaming service capability to do so.


Important Details:

All work will be the sole owner of the hiring company. This includes characters and materials.

All materials and files used to create project will need to be provided to hiring company. This includes but is not limited to (Adobe files (AE, PS, PE, Animator, Etc.), Blender, Source files for AI work if used, prompts, sketches, etc.)

Open to AI being used to assist work but NOT FULL creation of work. Any AI work will have to be documented clearly on reference material, engine used, prompts, and work you did to modify output/results.

Open to all applicants with the skills in different locations around the world. Must speak, write, and read in English for communication purposes.

You will be working directly with me for this project. We will leverage web meetings for interview and project collaboration/goals if you agree to the project.

First projects will range between 10 hours to 40 hours depending on skill level and agreed upon scope/style of project.

Looking for someone to start right away.  


Happy to answer any questions.