1. Vertrax • Route Seeker dashboard data visualisation path dashboard
    View Vertrax • Route Seeker
    Vertrax • Route Seeker
  2. Music • Visualizer music visualizer
    View Music • Visualizer
    Music • Visualizer
  3. Mozilla • Review information design phone
    View Mozilla • Review
    Mozilla • Review
  4. Sift • Protocol diagram illustration information design
    View Sift • Protocol
    Sift • Protocol
  5. The LOVSE Story • Interactive Documentary dashboard data visualisation illustration information design
    View The LOVSE Story • Interactive Documentary
    The LOVSE Story • Interactive Documentary
  6. Scifi • HUD hud
    View Scifi • HUD
    Scifi • HUD
  7. Latana • Brand Dashboard dashboard
    View Latana • Brand Dashboard
    Latana • Brand Dashboard
  8. Sifter • Visual Sense-Making tool for Investigative Researchers dashboard data visualisation gif information design osint
    View Sifter • Visual Sense-Making tool for Investigative Researchers
    Sifter • Visual Sense-Making tool for Investigative Researchers
  9. Isometric - Little Bits isometric
    View Isometric - Little Bits
    Isometric - Little Bits
  10. Copenhagen Meet-ups app app mobile service design
    View Copenhagen Meet-ups app
    Copenhagen Meet-ups app
  11. Media Sifter Logo gif logo video
    View Media Sifter Logo
    Media Sifter Logo
  12. Data Visualisation data visualisation information design
    View Data Visualisation
    Data Visualisation
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