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  2. Graph View chart graph gif animated
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    Graph View
  3. Minimalist Mountain minimalist logo mountain
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    Minimalist Mountain
  4. Better reminders app reminders iphone ios
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    Better reminders
  5. Squircle icons chat speech download upload freebie icons
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  7. Star gems gems stars jewels space
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    Star gems
  8. [GIF] Alert Popup gif animated ios ios 7 pop up modal ae after effects
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    [GIF] Alert Popup
  9. Icons ios7 icons line icons ios 7 free freebie
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    Side menu
  11. Push Notification Pre-Prompt push notifications ios iphone iphone5
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    Push Notification Pre-Prompt
  12. Static iphone ios social statistics static bariol flat ui
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  13. Icon Sketch Freebie freebie icon wireframe sketch
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    Icon Sketch Freebie
  14. Minimail - Minimal Mail minimal flat mail email iphone ios ui bariol
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    Minimail - Minimal Mail
  15. freshbytes light ios freshbytes bite iphone logo ipad
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    freshbytes light
  16. freshbytes freshbytes bytes ios iphone bite crumbs
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  17. App.net Icon Rebound app.net appdotnet icon ios iphone
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    App.net Icon Rebound
  18. App.net Icon app.net appdotnet icon ios iphone
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    App.net Icon
  19. App Concept iphone app baby pacifico pt sans
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    App Concept
  20. Gospel according to the Old Testament gospel series graphic series old testament christian jesus
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    Gospel according to the Old Testament
  21. NES nes controller nintendo
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  22. Hello Dribbble! drafted
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    Hello Dribbble!
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