iOS Contacts app

July 30, 2020

Hello friends, Has someone already tested the new iOS with a new call screen?🙈 A little bit of my thought on the reorganisation of the contact screen and interaction with the call. Hope you like it. I attached my work files – perhaps it...

iOS Control Center

June 16, 2020

Hi dribbblers! Less than a week is left until WWDC 2020 and I look forward to iOS 14. Often the app icons in the panel are duplicates of the icons on the main screen and you are forced to switch directly to the application and can't inte...

Resize iOS widget

June 02, 2020

Hey Folks! This is my second part about widgets on the iPhone. I believe that the place on the iPhone screen should always be reasonably taken. Therefore, here I showed the process where you can choose and customize your widgets to size....

iOS Widgets for iPhone

May 26, 2020

Hey Dribbblers! Recently, a lot of thoughts around widgets for new iOS. Can we see it in iOS 14? Some applications are so simple and can display all the basic information before opening. I find this an interesting addition to the main s...

Split View for iPhone iOS 14

April 21, 2020

Hi Dribbblers! How many times You wanted to watch a video and read an article on the Internet at the same time? Check a map and choose a music? Write a message and see the calendar? I'm sure apple developers can do this. 😏 As always - ...

New Home screen for iOS

April 09, 2020

Hi dribbblers! For a long time I thought that some features may be available from the start. Unlocked phone gives you the opportunity to start using the basic functions immediately (Internet, calls, messages.. etc) And we can see the wea...

New Animoji Call-screen for iOS

November 29, 2019

Hi folks! Now it is very uncomfortable when incoming call takes up all the space of the screen. This worked when phones were made only for calls. Now is the time to change something. And don't forget the funny Animoji 👻 Feel free to dow...

Choosing and buying plane tickets ✈️

October 25, 2019

Hi, friends! You can download .sketch form Dropbox and use it for free:

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