1. Gauntlet 2020 III typogaphy branding summer camp jesus church
    Gauntlet 2020 III
  2. Gauntlet 2020 II summer camp jesus church
    Gauntlet 2020 II
  3. Gauntlet 2020 I summer camp jesus church
    Gauntlet 2020 I
  4. Abraham collage desert covenant ram abraham bible jesus typography church
  5. United Night type typography church
    United Night
  6. The Overflowing Life book of hours generosity gospel editorial book design book typography church
    The Overflowing Life
  7. Canephora II print postcard greek caryatid column caryatid canephorae canephora neon red riso print risograph riso
    Canephora II
  8. Gauntlet 2019 III layout cover typography camp book design book
    Gauntlet 2019 III
  9. Gauntlet 2019 II typography type tshirt tee apparel camp church
    Gauntlet 2019 II
  10. Spice Lady Riso Print print riso printing riso print risograph riso kitchen woman star anise spices spice sage rosemary lady illustration cooking cinnamon anise
    Spice Lady Riso Print
  11. Heart Ampersand type font design type design heart ampersand heart and ampersands ampersand
    Heart Ampersand
  12. Linocut Summer Citrus pothos philodendron blood orange lime orange lemon print linoleum linocut printmaking citrus church summer
    Linocut Summer Citrus
  13. Gauntlet 2019 neon sign neon logo practical jesus summer camp camp gospel church
    Gauntlet 2019
  14. Spice Lady illustration star anise anise rosemary sage cinnamon lady woman spices cooking spice
    Spice Lady
  15. Core Values Devotional Book pms 871 gold pantone kingdom gold jesus gospel church devo devotional colfax book design book
    Core Values Devotional Book
  16. Festina Lente Riso Print lettering illustration risograph print risoprint risograph riso make haste slowly festina lente aldus manutius aldus
    Festina Lente Riso Print
  17. Covenant isaac jacob abraham old testament bible church covenant
  18. Anno Domini Postcard moon phases gouache illustration gouache illustration typography 2019 calendar 2019 psalterium psalter calendar anno domini rustic capitals lettering
    Anno Domini Postcard
  19. Batonnet Typeface II typography type@cooper typeface design typeface font design font type design type
    Batonnet Typeface II
  20. Cocktails & Castoffs Cookzine, Issue 02 atlanta zine cookbook recipes recipe food cocktails book design book
    Cocktails & Castoffs Cookzine, Issue 02
  21. Fruit Lady and Vegetable Lady Riso Prints fruit pineapple cherries lemon girl woman lady illustration riso print risograph riso food cooking
    Fruit Lady and Vegetable Lady Riso Prints
  22. Vegetable and Fruit Lady Riso Prints vegetable vegetables cooking food woman illustration risograph risoprint riso
    Vegetable and Fruit Lady Riso Prints
  23. Gauntlet 2018 III metallic book design book typography church
    Gauntlet 2018 III
  24. Living Letters gospel letters typography type church
    Living Letters
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