1. PROMATE Logo Design

  2. Asehaa Health lifestyle

  3. Lahdha Logo

  4. Khebrat for Health and Nutrition Consulting

  5. Humedia website deisgn

  6. Job size logo

  7. Impact International for Human Rights Policies

  8. International Platform of NGOs working for Palestine

  9. Almeem Holding

  10. Muqawalat Logo

  11. Fawasel logo

  12. Make In Palestine

  13. Life Supports counselling website design

  14. Stationary design for Kinda Brand

  15. BERG

  16. Firstnear logo

  17. UCASTI profile design

  18. Arabian Kinda Co Logo

  19. brochure design for "leading woman project"

  20. AssistaPlus logo

  21. Sham Shamia Logo design

  22. Snow Convenience Logo design

  23. New websites collection

  24. Leo and Elizabeth Hannet foundation logo design.

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