1. Old Computer analytics computer crt display gosquared icon artwork illustration monitor old computer
    View Old Computer
    Old Computer
  2. Your data is safe data gosquared icon illustration lock safe secure vault
    View Your data is safe
    Your data is safe
  3. Credit card icon billing coral credit card gosquared monzo
    View Credit card icon
    Credit card icon
  4. Live Translate landing page globe landing page launch live chat map translation world
    View Live Translate landing page
    Live Translate landing page
  5. Live Chat + Visitors crm gosquared icons live chat visitors
    View Live Chat + Visitors
    Live Chat + Visitors
  6. Assistant by GoSquared assistant data face landing page live chat widget
    View Assistant by GoSquared
    Assistant by GoSquared
  7. Simplicity is a war iceberg pixels simple simplicity
    View Simplicity is a war
    Simplicity is a war
  8. Customer Icons building categories cloud gosquared icons office presentation shopping bag
    View Customer Icons
    Customer Icons
  9. GoSquared Inbox App Page android app apps gosquared inbox install ios live chat page
    View GoSquared Inbox App Page
    GoSquared Inbox App Page
  10. Live Chat Demo animation chat css gosquared live chat
    View Live Chat Demo
    Live Chat Demo
  11. The new faces of GoSquared blue bubbles faces gosquared speech squares
    View The new faces of GoSquared
    The new faces of GoSquared
  12. New Site. New Icons. analytics customers gosquared icons marketing site
    View New Site. New Icons.
    New Site. New Icons.
  13. Filter Builder builder filter gosquared query ui
    View Filter Builder
    Filter Builder
  14. GoSquared iOS SDK (beta) 6 iphone mobile technical
    View GoSquared iOS SDK (beta)
    GoSquared iOS SDK (beta)
  15. Documentation Icons api docs gosquared help icons status
    View Documentation Icons
    Documentation Icons
  16. Our new login flow account email fields fluid form gosquared login password troll ux
    View Our new login flow
    Our new login flow
  17. Introducing People Analytics gosquared orbit people analytics planets
    View Introducing People Analytics
    Introducing People Analytics
  18. Getting Personal dude girl gosquared head and shoulders people silhouettes
    View Getting Personal
    Getting Personal
  19. Announcing Announcements announcements gosquared icons notifications updates
    View Announcing Announcements
    Announcing Announcements
  20. All on board check complete gosquared onboarding setup success
    View All on board
    All on board
  21. People Analytics. Coming soon. analytics coming soon curtains gosquared red
    View People Analytics. Coming soon.
    People Analytics. Coming soon.
  22. Monthly Email Icons changes email gosquared icons instagram mobile tshirt video
    View Monthly Email Icons
    Monthly Email Icons
  23. Designing the new GoSquared data gosquared icons mockup paper sketches ui
    View Designing the new GoSquared
    Designing the new GoSquared
  24. The new GoSquared Home Page analytics gosquared home homepage page redesign shopfiy used by
    View The new GoSquared Home Page
    The new GoSquared Home Page
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