1. Pattern study sketch illustration tie die stained glass pattern
    View Pattern study
    Pattern study
  2. Pulled pork
    View Pulled pork
    Pulled pork
  3. Opendoor Dashboard mobile chat home real estate dashboard
    View Opendoor Dashboard
    Opendoor Dashboard
  4. Dealpath–Timeline
    View Dealpath–Timeline
  5. Dealpath–Task List
    View Dealpath–Task List
    Dealpath–Task List
  6. Fingerpointing
    View Fingerpointing
  7. New American BBQ logo
    View New American BBQ logo
    New American BBQ logo
  8. New American BBQ logo
    View New American BBQ logo
    New American BBQ logo
  9. Architechie Logo line architecture logo
    View Architechie Logo
    Architechie Logo
  10. Mies dropping the cigar pen sketch architect
    View Mies dropping the cigar
    Mies dropping the cigar
  11. Hover & Heart study hover like card
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    Hover & Heart study
  12. Menu Exploration
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    Menu Exploration
  13. Search Autofill Exploration
    View Search Autofill Exploration
    Search Autofill Exploration
  14. Card Exploration
    View Card Exploration
    Card Exploration
  15. Web Toolbar Exploration
    View Web Toolbar Exploration
    Web Toolbar Exploration
  16. Card Grid
    View Card Grid
    Card Grid
  17. Spider Sketch spider paper marker ink sketch
    View Spider Sketch
    Spider Sketch
  18. Architect Stamp stamp architect
    View Architect Stamp
    Architect Stamp
  19. HealthCrush Mockup product design healthcare hackathon ui ux
    View HealthCrush Mockup
    HealthCrush Mockup
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