Design Brief

Branding for interior designer

Hi, I am Sara, founder of Bioharmonized.

I design homes that heal their inhabitants. It's done with a mix of sciences, from antique ones like the golden section and the Vitruvian man over to India's Yantra, passing by Swiss minimalism and historically designed anatomy.

I am looking to create a branding that is simple, includes tattoo-like drawings (check insta @oscarakermo) and as mentioned above strikes an elegant mixture between all these things.

The website is in the making, only content-wise.

link :

pw: happy

Also, check Harmonize Board on my Pinterest here:

We're searching for the following:

Reliable, think clearly, and discover basic aesthetic solutions, such as clean design, but also understanding how to communicate with emotions. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY JUST BECAUSE YOU DO BRANDING. Look at what I have listed, try to understand it and if that resonates with you, only then apply ;) Please have a knack for all things spiritually scientific.

This is a new company- budget is very low. We'd want to start modest, but we'll continue to collaborate indefinitely.

Thank you very much!