Design Brief

Abstract Logo Needed


I am currently starting up a new company called “Black Sheep Conversions”.

I will be converting school busses, vans, box trucks, trailers and other standard vessels into tricked out fully functional off grid tiny homes. 

I do not intend to do custom order work for clients but more so create my own functional art pieces and sell them as a finished product. 

I would like to have a logo made that communicates high end craftsman’s ship, independence, nature, spiritualness, adventure and fun :).

I have this idea in my head of a almost geometric sheep head with horns. In the broken patterns there are trees, water, sunset/rise tones. The eyes could almost be headlights, there could be a sun in the background, certain parts that could be solar panel cells or whatever creative things you come up with.  

I have some photos that kinda represent parts of the mash up that could become a finished logo. 

Please let me know about pricing and the process of having this done.

Thank you!