Design Brief

Visuals - YouTube politics explainers

Hi folks, I'm looking for a freelance designer to help me with visuals for a YouTube news explainer channel.

It will be part-time, ad-hoc projects but should increase in frequency over time.

I'm looking for help with the following:

  • I am creating a refreshed look for the channel. I don't hate how it looks currently, but some parts feel crap. Hope to have a style/kit that other creatives working on the videos could use too.
  • Helping me identify good visual ideas for explaining the concepts in each video.
  • Creating visual assets that the editors and motion graphics artists can then animate. (Let me know if you animate as well.)
  • Note: the example that I will share has some character design. I don't expect you to do this though tell me if that's something you do.

I also run a company that makes commercial videos for the health and pharma sector, so there may also be work in that area.

Kindly accept this project to know more about the details along with the info about your rate.

Please tell me if you have any experience doing explanatory work or journalism and if you've done anything in the style of the references.