Design Brief

Create signet+smoothing logo+brand books

We want to convert the logo created by us to a vector logo and create a brand book. We have prepared a logo design (signet+logotype): shape/form/layout, color scheme, and font.

Our needs:

1. Preparation of 2-3 variants of the signet. 

Goal: a better visual match between the signet and the font.

We have attached our draft.

2. Preparation of the brand book: 

  • brand mission/archetype 
  • protective field - color scheme (4-5 colors, 2-3 color pairs) / RGB, CMYK.
  • typography (2 fonts) 
  • scaling 
  • use of the logo on different backgrounds 
  • unacceptable modifications. 

Format: PDF, print version.

3. Package of source, vector format, and package logo for use on social media profiles, SaaS applications, websites, and favicon (signet).

Our company:

Our current logo:

Our prepared new logo design/concept:

Signet: letter T, dynamic, one or two colors.