Design Brief

Create a simple/short cartoon animation

We need an animation like this, but with a mouse instead of a chick.

Similar visual style.

If you're interested and can do this for under $500,

please send me:

  • Links to similar animations you've done before (DON'T SEND A GENERAL PORTFOLIO WITH LOTS OF IRRELEVANT WORK)
  • Your time estimate and price estimate
  • How to reach you
  • [Bonus] An initial rough sketch of what it would look like


  • If your price will be more than $500 for this project
  • If you don't have a portfolio with relevant cartoon animations

Some more details about the animation:

  • The mouse needs to look cute and (somewhat) young and gender-neutral
  • The mouse should look like it's looking for something, but not like it's dancing
  • The mouse should (probably) be light gray, but this might change
  • The animation needs to be easy to repeat on loop in an app