Design Brief

Knee device

A soft wrap knee device with cold laser therapy that has enough red lasers to cover a whole knee and a tens unit built in. Each tens unit will be on each side of the knee (left and right side). The device would wrap around the knee and stay attached using Velcro that would Velcro under the knee for easy on and off capabilities. The device should be slightly padded for extra comfort. The color scheme would be light/medium gray, light/medium blue, and white. The device would need a push button to power the device on. Osteo Medical with the caduceus symbol in between should be on the device.

A remote would be needed for activating the tens unit from strength 1 to 26. A battery indicator should be implemented. Osteo Medical logo on the remote. In between Osteo Medical, I would like the caduceus symbol. The remote should be oval-shaped with a small screen. Buttons needed on the remote would be a power button, + and - for tens strength level, and a play/pause button.