Design Brief

Creating an awesome landing page!

Hey Dribbble Community 👋

I'm looking for a Webflow developer with some great design chops to work on a landing page for a business concept that I'm working on.

The concept is an online marketplace for industrial construction materials and I'd like a landing page that prospective customers and suppliers can engage with.

In general, I'd like a clean, modern design that is simple, but compelling because of a great execution of foundational design principles (a page that derives its impact from design fundamentals in content, layout, and graphic design as opposed to overpowering effects and animation that "bloat" the page and load times). That being said, animations and flourishes that work naturally with fundamental design principles and don't significantly increase load times are appreciated!

If you're interested, kindly accept this project, and please shoot me a quick message with some examples of your previous work on Webflow!

Thanks so much! ✌️