Design Brief

NFT Project - Cheeborgs

Hi all,

Let me tell you a bit about the project.

In terms of the art, we want cheetahs that are half cyborgs (2D or 3D). The environment that these cheetah's live in is called the concrete jungle. It is basically a cyberpunk city that has been overgrown by the jungle.

We want to create 10,420 Cheeborgs (each with a unique set of attributes) that will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. What you would do is generate attributes that we will combine to build a unique Cheeborg.

In terms of utility, we have a very unique project that we would love to discuss with you further. We are confident to say that the technical and utility parts of the project are top tier. Therefore, the finishing touch is to partner up with a top-tier artist/team of artists and that is why we are reaching out to you.

Kindly accept this project so we could start communicating.

Let's make something that's truly great!