Design Brief

Youth Health Mobile App Required.

A Youth Health Charity needs a Mobile Wellbeing Health App.

Welcome Ideas

Creative, Android, and Hybrid Mobile App launched in App Stores, for Health Advice, forum, quizzes, registration, and signposting service.


  • Functional App 
  • 2 Mobile Operating Systems 
  • App Submission
  • App Icon 
  • Splash Screen Ad
  • Network Integration
  • Source Code
  • Support

Dynamic and compatible with ASP .NET CORE website. Azure-hosted web. Integrate common development with GitHub, creating, debugging, and deploying to Azure. Compatible APIs that auto-update with HTML, ASP, and PHP. Databases SQL. Azure multi-factor authentication, Azure AD, fully functioning UI registration user interface tested via GitHub and Website, etc., must deliver to spec. Secure with SSL Cert plus Captcha & Q+A Search box Site Map, Contents pages include: Join Us, Sign up with Facebook/ LinkedIn, Google, form, news, events.

User Activities require - Calls, Forums, Quizzes, Health Games, Story Share, and page Database. Fresh, Modern, interactive, educational, informative, Self-updating, and Problem-solving App. Admin tools and pages - Block /unblock users, remove and block user Surveys, Quizzes, Analytics, Email subscription & Auto-response, ChatBot, About MHN, Volunteer Sign-Up, Donate, Gift Shop, Media, Resources, Events, Policies, Terms & Condition, Sexual Health, Pregnancy, Covid-19, Health & Safety.

Find service, get involved, campaign, etc. doc supplied. Images - Carousel shows Youths group, Coronavirus link, banner, Volunteers, Project, Health Advisors, Social group, Sponsors & Partners, etc., see design Contents and functionality: interactive website and App Advice pages: coronavirus, mental health, sexual health, abuse, alcohol, etc on it.

User surveys, questionnaires, Forms, Blog posts, Appointment Bookings, users can order resources, test kits, etc Shop - link to the main website, Donation page payment via PayPal, BAC, CC. Offers, Forums, Stories- users log in to access forums, post-Q&A, interact with others, etc. Advisor Post board, Private & Confidential Counselling chat areas, all users must register, the pre-booked user. 

How to get help links: add links to youth clubs/groups services - supplied.

Registration: All users must register for free, and donate prompted at registration. Providers sign-up and log into the app for access, to read messages in the private area.

Contents will be supplied for each section, including Health quizzes, forms, and surveys.

Budget very limited funds. Negotiable timeline. No time wasters.