Design Brief

Logo/Site for consultancy (brief inside)

About the Company

We’re starting a Software Consultancy where we provide our Software Engineers to companies of all sizes. Example, a company needs a Senior Software Engineer specializing in Java development for 6 months for a project. If we have a good match, we will send our engineer to work with their team for that time period.

About the Company Name

The company is called Get Rebased. The name is a play on the command “git rebase” that Software Engineers use. You can learn more about “git rebase” here.

To explain this command simply, essentially what “git rebase” does is it takes your local code changes, and syncs up your “base code” (the state of the code before you touched it) with everyone else’s code.

With this name we’re trying to convey that we will help your “base” team get supercharged with our services.

Our Design Needs

At a minimum we need a logo and a website design. As a bonus we’d need the website implementation too (more on that later). We have a very clear idea on what each thing needs to look like.

The audience of the logo and the website are

  • Software Engineers considering working for us
  • Clients who need our services


Since “Get Rebased” is a play on the command “git rebase”, we want the logo to resemble as if the name was written in the command line. Something like “$> get rebased” in a code like font, e.g. Courier New, JetBrains Mono, etc.

We’d also like a short version of the logo, something like “$>gr”, “>gr”, “$gr”, etc. Using the full logo everywhere might not be appropriate, so a short version would be great (e.g. favicon, customer support email avatar, etc).

More on the color scheme below.

Website Design

The website we need is quite simple. A single-page website with static content and a “Contact Us” form. The website should be short, not much scrolling. Our website won’t be the main point of recruitment nor sales (we’ll do that over email and our existing network), but we still expect potential employees and clients to browse the website for 30 seconds.

Look-and-Feel & Color Scheme

For both the logo and the website, there’s certain colors we like that you may want to use, like: purple, navy, yellow, dark grey, and black. Overall, we want a “dark mode” type of look and feel, as if you were in a code editor like IntelliJ throughout the website.

The website should make the company look like it’s run by engineers (we are engineers running the company at the end of the day), hence wanting to make the site feel a bit “code-like” and “dark mode”, but without overdoing it and still looking very professional.


Here’s some inspiration for sites that either have a similar look and feel or just have some of the similar elements that we’re looking for

Website Implementation

Ideally, we’d like to work with a designer who can also implement the design in Webflow, Bubble, SquareSpace, Wordpress or any other platform they feel comfortable with. We prefer not having to go through the hiring process again to hire a web developer, especially since this is such a simple site.

More Info

In your message to us, please include

  1. The keyword “giraffe”, so I know you’ve read the brief. Messages without this keyword will get ignored
  2. URLs with your live work and a corresponding Dribbble/Behance/etc shot
  3. A cost estimate for the job end to end, but if you can only do the logo, then just a cost estimate for the logo is enough, and vice-versa
  4. Whether you can also do the implementation
  5. When you’d be available to start this project

Thank you!