1. Radial Diagram radial stats statistics analytic chart analytics metrics chart colour data report data visulization
    Radial Diagram
  2. F Icon brand branding letter leaf flame mark logo f icon orange
    F Icon
  3. Drip Mark green red color mark logo icon drip leaf flame
    Drip Mark
  4. Dribbble Chords Diagram sankey data flow infographic dribbble pink report data analytics chart diagram chord diagram
    Dribbble Chords Diagram
  5. Dribbble invites stats statistics flow diagram report data visualisation chord chart chart chord diagran invite dribbble invitation 2x invitation
    Dribbble invites
  6. Area Chart data viz statistics stats graph color ui diagram line chart data visualisation infographic data area chart
    Area Chart
  7. Diverged Barchart infographic colour diagram chart diverge data visulization analytics report bar chart
    Diverged Barchart
  8. Partial Pie abstract reports data visulization infographic donut chart color data diagram pie chart
    Partial Pie
  9. Languages Voroni Details ui geometric chart color earth languages cell voronoi diagram voronoi
    Languages Voroni Details
  10. Voronoi Language Diagram area geometric chart color earth languages cell voronoi diagram voronoi
    Voronoi Language Diagram
  11. Sankey Digram data visulisation infographic data vis statistics data flat color flow chart flow chart diagram sankey
    Sankey Digram
  12. Sankey Close Up diagram flow diagram statistics data flat patten flow color close-up chart sankey
    Sankey Close Up
  13. Hello User letter mark speechbubble logo
    Hello User
  14. dailyUI #017 Email Receipt uichallenge price ux ui popup card receipt payment financial finance dailyui food
    dailyUI #017 Email Receipt
  15. dailyUI #016 Pop-Up / Overlay form. framer button purple subscribe sign up animation 016 day016 ux ui popup dailyui
    dailyUI #016 Pop-Up / Overlay
  16. dailyUI #015 - On/Off Switch framerjs animation button on off switch night day 015 dailyui ux ui
    dailyUI #015 - On/Off Switch
  17. Daily UI #014 - Countdown Timer time tracker pomodoro minimal mobile clean countdown timer 014 android app dailyui ux ui
    Daily UI #014 - Countdown Timer
  18. Success and fail cards illustrator miss shot basketball fail success 011 dailyui
    Success and fail cards
  19. Day 10: Social Share facebook twitter illustrator social icons day010 100days
    Day 10: Social Share
  20. 008 404 Page sea illustration illustrator dailyui 100days 008 404 isometric lost
    008 404 Page
  21. Planit Ninja logo illustrator ninja icon app
    Planit Ninja
  22. Pirate Profile gamification timeline children kids bright ui profile pirate 006 daily100
    Pirate Profile
  23. Flight Planner App Icon illustration ui plane flight illustrator icon app 005 100days
    Flight Planner App Icon
  24. Casio Watch app illustrator 100days calculator retro ui watch
    Casio Watch
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