1. Book Recommendation App Concept bookhub recommendations menu imdb datadabase recommendation reader book goodreads bold gray elegant iphone app mobile flat ios clean ux ui
    View Book Recommendation App Concept
    Book Recommendation App Concept
  2. Cooking App Concept home shopping preparation recipe book premium food kitchen cooking minimal ingredients recipe elegant white app mobile flat ios clean ux ui
    View Cooking App Concept
    Cooking App Concept
  3. Architecture Website Concept desktop whitespace dark black orange engineering cluj premium elegant minimalist building architecture presentation page landing page webdesign web flat clean ux ui
    View Architecture Website Concept
    Architecture Website Concept
  4. Contact Page Animation address orange cluj luxury premium elegant dark transition animation menu contact architecture dailyuichallenge dailyui 028 dailyui web flat clean ux ui
    View Contact Page Animation
    Contact Page Animation
  5. OLX Redesign Concept minimalist blue bright category dropdown redesign webshop ecommerce marketplace selling olx search dailyui 027 dailyui app web flat clean ux ui
    View OLX Redesign Concept
    OLX Redesign Concept
  6. Subscribe to newsletter webshop online shop ecommerce shop ecommerce minimalism minimalist clothing brand clothes subscribe newsletter model fashion dailyui 026 dailyui web flat clean ux ui
    View Subscribe to newsletter
    Subscribe to newsletter
  7. Minimalist TV App hbogo dailyuichallenge desktop web minimalist navigation movie film detail browse narcos netflix stream tv dailyui 025 dailyui flat clean ux ui
    View Minimalist TV App
    Minimalist TV App
  8. Boarding Pass minimalistic lufthansa boarding pass information ticket flight plane jfk dailyui 024 dailyui flat app mobile iphone ios clean ux ui
    View Boarding Pass
    Boarding Pass
  9. Car Rental App onboarding mobile checkout calendar flow elegant luxury rental car product dark ui dailyuichallenge dailyui 023 dailyui app iphone ios clean ux ui
    View Car Rental App
    Car Rental App
  10. Jazz - Website concept navigation biography museum web design elegant retro minimalism landing profile explore artist music jazz dailyui 022 daily ui black and white web clean ux ui
    View Jazz - Website concept
    Jazz - Website concept
  11. Smart Home App electricity ac lamp controller luxury premium elegant skeumorphism neumorphism dashboard white dailyui 021 dailyui app mobile iphone ios clean ux ui
    View Smart Home App
    Smart Home App
  12. Running App statistics bold tracker pink charts dailyui 020 dailyui dark ui sport map location dashboard running app mobile iphone ios clean ux ui
    View Running App
    Running App
  13. Medical Booking App Concept consultation blue colorful friendly health appointment pandemic virus covid-19 covid doctor medical app mobile iphone flat ios clean ux ui
    View Medical Booking App Concept
    Medical Booking App Concept
  14. Rally Leaderboard car minimalistic minimal dashboard sport racing list hall of fame leaderboard wrc rallycross rally dailyui 019 dailyui light white web clean ux ui
    View Rally Leaderboard
    Rally Leaderboard
  15. Spend Analytics webdesign earnings savings accounts dashboard ui blue expenses spendings cash flow dashboard design dailyui white app web flat clean ux ui
    View Spend Analytics
    Spend Analytics
  16. Netflix Redesign Concept witcher online hbo dark navigation slide redesign transition animation featured tv show tv netflix streaming movie desktop web ipad ux ui
    View Netflix Redesign Concept
    Netflix Redesign Concept
  17. Email Receipt foodpanda layout invoice pizza order food cousine restaurant web email receipt email dailyui 017 dailyui design ui
    View Email Receipt
    Email Receipt
  18. Step Counter Concept futuristic distance award dashboard counter step pedometer black dark ui dark skeuomorph neumorphism app mobile iphone ios clean ux ui
    View Step Counter Concept
    Step Counter Concept
  19. Minimalist Furniture Webshop - BEHANCE detail gray online store ecommerce redesign concept case study homeware furniture nordic scandinavian elegant minimalist hipvan flat web animation clean ux ui
    View Minimalist Furniture Webshop - BEHANCE
    Minimalist Furniture Webshop - BEHANCE
  20. Overlay Animation promotion daily 100 challenge colorful desktop pizza food order popup overlay discount food dailyui 016 dailyui white web mobile flat animation clean ux ui
    View Overlay Animation
    Overlay Animation
  21. ORBEA Bike Webshop Concept orbea product detail smooth transition black dark dailyui 012 dailyui bicycle bike ecommerce online store online shop webshop web animation clean ux ui
    View ORBEA Bike Webshop Concept
    ORBEA Bike Webshop Concept
  22. ON/OFF Switch light onoff switch dailyui015 dailyui dark ui onoffswitch onoff skeuomorph neumorphism neumorphic white web mobile animation clean ux ui
    View ON/OFF Switch
    ON/OFF Switch
  23. UFO Footage Countdown monochrome prelaunch 80s technology futuristic subscribe video game retro vhs alien ufo pentagon countdown web clean ux ui
    View UFO Footage Countdown
    UFO Footage Countdown
  24. Messenger Redesign redesign concept profile dark ui skeuomorph neumorphism messaging message app dailyui 013 dailyui chat app chat white app mobile iphone ios clean ux ui
    View Messenger Redesign
    Messenger Redesign
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