1. Card Interaction (site redesign preview) ui animation web design card
    View Card Interaction (site redesign preview)
    Card Interaction (site redesign preview)
  2. Demystifying Software Estimates probability math portrait orlando florida procreate ipad pro illustration envy labs
    View Demystifying Software Estimates
    Demystifying Software Estimates
  3. Roark MMA :: Responsive fight fighter ufc chart data visulization data viz sports design responsive mobile mma sports ui web design
    View Roark MMA :: Responsive
    Roark MMA :: Responsive
  4. Roark MMA :: Fighter Profile fighting blue red profile fighter sports design sports ucf mma data viz web design
    View Roark MMA :: Fighter Profile
    Roark MMA :: Fighter Profile
  5. Roark MMA Logo mixed martial arts ufc mma roark branding logo florida orlando envy labs
    View Roark MMA Logo
    Roark MMA Logo
  6. A Standoff ipad procreate illustration florida orlando envy labs money wild west standoff
    View A Standoff
    A Standoff
  7. Happy Holidays! gift present hand sanitizer mask gloves snowmwan quarantine covid florida silver foil foil bright merry illustration envy labs merry christmas happy new year christmas holiday happy holidays
    View Happy Holidays!
    Happy Holidays!
  8. Gunpla Gallery Logo gundam gunpla gunpla gallery branding logo florida orlando envy labs
    View Gunpla Gallery Logo
    Gunpla Gallery Logo
  9. New Launch: Gunpla Gallery ✨ gundam gunpla gallery gunpla logo ui website animation envy labs florida orlando
    View New Launch: Gunpla Gallery ✨
    New Launch: Gunpla Gallery ✨
  10. Gunpla Gallery: Navigation Hover gunpla gundam dark ui dark dark theme animation motion ui web design after effects
    View Gunpla Gallery: Navigation Hover
    Gunpla Gallery: Navigation Hover
  11. Handy Illustrations test blood florida orlando envy labs instruction manual instructions test kit vector covid19 coronavirus hands illustration
    View Handy Illustrations
    Handy Illustrations
  12. U.S. State and County Coronavirus Stats Over Time graph chart visualization new york data map coronavirus data viz dataviz
    View U.S. State and County Coronavirus Stats Over Time
    U.S. State and County Coronavirus Stats Over Time
  13. Zoom Party! 🎉✨ illustration motion after effects animation poster window desk computer sun cute character animation character disco ball zoom party dance
    View Zoom Party! 🎉✨
    Zoom Party! 🎉✨
  14. Pool of Potential Solutions sun tile orlando florida envy labs vector illustration hand pool
    View Pool of Potential Solutions
    Pool of Potential Solutions
  15. 20-Second Gut Check :: Results animation tally vote web design ui motion interface gif discovery countdow after effects
    View 20-Second Gut Check :: Results
    20-Second Gut Check :: Results
  16. Gunpla Gallery: Style Exploration build blue yellow gray gunpla gundam ui design ui dark mode dark ui dark interface
    View Gunpla Gallery: Style Exploration
    Gunpla Gallery: Style Exploration
  17. Gunpla Gallery: Sidebar Button Interaction after effects animation hover side dark ui dark interface dark portfolio gunpla gundam
    View Gunpla Gallery: Sidebar Button Interaction
    Gunpla Gallery: Sidebar Button Interaction
  18. Valentine's Day pink illustration stop motion animation envy labs valentine love heart apple mac computer retro
    View Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day
  19. DRatings Wires charts table sports data sports data grayscale planning wires hi fi high fidelity wireframes
    View DRatings Wires
    DRatings Wires
  20. 🌟DRatings: Bet Value Animation interface web design table ui after effects sports betting star icon gif animation
    View 🌟DRatings: Bet Value Animation
    🌟DRatings: Bet Value Animation
  21. New Launch: DRatings ✨ nfl mlb nba redesign table charts data betting ratings sports
    View New Launch: DRatings ✨
    New Launch: DRatings ✨
  22. 20-Second Gut Check :: Voting discovery timer countdown animation web design ui gif motion after effects interface
    View 20-Second Gut Check :: Voting
    20-Second Gut Check :: Voting
  23. Discovery Questions lightbulb button globe earth world software bridge hand florida orlando envy labs blog discovery
    View Discovery Questions
    Discovery Questions
  24. Lake Eola Fountain lake swan swan boat 3d animation florida orlando lake eola fountain cinema4d c4d 3d
    View Lake Eola Fountain
    Lake Eola Fountain
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