1. Paperless by Employes ⚛️ component library component system components design library design system design tokens employes hr human resources library salary salary processing system tokens
    View Paperless by Employes ⚛️
    Paperless by Employes ⚛️
  2. Time tracking ⏰ employee employer employes hr human resources interface mobile mobile app time time registration time tracking ui ux
    View Time tracking ⏰
    Time tracking ⏰
  3. Documents for employees 📑 case study desktop documents employes files hr human resources interface mobile payroll salary ui ux
    View Documents for employees 📑
    Documents for employees 📑
  4. Login to Employes 💙 branding case study consistency desktop employes guidlines hr human resources login mobile payroll product update register registration salary sign in signing in visual guidelines
    View Login to Employes 💙
    Login to Employes 💙
  5. Employes Branding brand design document employee employer fold gradient identity logo mark smile symbol
    View Employes Branding
    Employes Branding
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