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Building a foundation with reusable components introduced more consistency across our entire product and team.

Paperless was introduced as a foundation to shape all aspects of the platform. Using reusable components allows our product team to quickly build new pages and introduce new features while guarding the consistency along the way.

We have adopted the Atomic Design method and created a process within our ways of working to make sure all components are build in a synchronized and validated way. We make sure that both our development and design teams are always up-to-date with the latest and greatest.

Who does not want to be well organized,

while contributing to a better world.

At Employes we are enabling companies to do all of their salary processing and HR administration within our online platform. We provide our customers with a safe and structured solution for all of their documentation.

Going digital means having less paper around to manually go through, hence the name of our component library; Paperless.

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Payroll and HR, without the hassle.

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