August 25, 2019

The brand that did not go through to the final stage, but the idea behind represents all the values that the company had. Going forward, going upwards as from the connection of letters ‘y’ & ‘k’ the path evolves which goes up to the...

wataaa ° 3

September 18, 2018

The logo for a fight tv channel that was chosen. They are not concentrated on any specific style or martial art, showing a wide variety of it. The name of the channel is based on the famous Bruce Lee line "wataaa". The idea behind the lo...

Embedded Intelligence • • •

August 14, 2018

The final version of a dynamic brand for a high tech company. Three dots in a position of a triangle and the lines, that does not align to it, symbolize the process of embedding intelligence into a product which changes the basic form to...

Embedded Intelligence • •

August 10, 2018

Three lines - a symbol of the code. A Monogram of E & i letters where letter i is embedded to E which is an allegory to intelligence being embedded to a product. Dot / circle and a square is a reference to 1 & 0 combinations.

Uc logob2

UserCentric brand • • • •

July 09, 2018

New branding project Check it on • Behance

Uc loop

UserCentric brand • • •

July 06, 2018

New branding project Check it on • Behance

Uc mark

UserCentric brand •

June 25, 2018

New branding project Check it on • Behance


April 20, 2018

Abstract S letter. A combination of different elements: the lightning - fast, instant, The international transfer/trade sign - emphasizes the services that company provides. Sharp and curved forms tries to connect warm/close & fast/i...