1. YCP-CON18 | Collateral cleveland mary conference editorial social media print apparel campaign community church catholic design branding
    View YCP-CON18 | Collateral
    YCP-CON18 | Collateral
  2. Word On Fire | T.02 tee shirt wordonfire store saints robert barron print therese lisieux illustration church catholic apparel
    View Word On Fire | T.02
    Word On Fire | T.02
  3. Word On Fire | T.01 store robert barron wordonfire print kolbe saints illustration church catholic tee shirt apparel
    View Word On Fire | T.01
    Word On Fire | T.01
  4. YCP-CON18 | Logo cleveland crown hope star conference youth mark mary church catholic logo branding
    View YCP-CON18 | Logo
    YCP-CON18 | Logo
  5. SET Movement T.02 hope cross store tee movement illustration house community church jesus catholic apparel
    View SET Movement T.02
    SET Movement T.02
  6. SET Movement T.01 love community store apparel hope christ gospel church catholic movement illustration tee
    View SET Movement T.01
    SET Movement T.01
  7. Spiral Stair Media mark redesign spiral stair texas austin studio photo media film logo branding
    View Spiral Stair Media
    Spiral Stair Media
  8. 635 Greater Things hands dallas texas branding poster catholic movement church chi rho symbol millenial campaign
    View 635 Greater Things
    635 Greater Things
  9. 635 Brand Expansion branding campaign millenial symbol chi rho church movement catholic logo texas dallas mark
    View 635 Brand Expansion
    635 Brand Expansion
  10. MCG V.02 lone star fort worth architecture consulting logo housing real estate texas latino community branding american dream
    View MCG V.02
    MCG V.02
  11. MCG V.01 american dream consulting mark logo fort worth community real estate house sunlight lone star texas branding
    View MCG V.01
    MCG V.01
  12. Totus Tuus heart el salvador logo ministry worship totus tuus church catholic branding
    View Totus Tuus
    Totus Tuus
  13. OAR Pres Cards mark logo mission vocational card presentation print st augustine church catholic campaign branding
    View OAR Pres Cards
    OAR Pres Cards
  14. OAR Province Logo sea mission province st augustine mark logo church catholic campaign branding
    View OAR Province Logo
    OAR Province Logo
  15. Order of Augustinian Recollects wind rose mission exploring community st augustine icon set church catholic campaign vocation branding
    View Order of Augustinian Recollects
    Order of Augustinian Recollects
  16. Tertulia tertulia women argentina garden flowers hand made tea house vintage mark logo lettering
    View Tertulia
  17. Salmos Vol.01 tobias buteler athenas church catholic psalms packaging worship album print music icon graphic design
    View Salmos Vol.01
    Salmos Vol.01
  18. Salmos graphic design icon church athenas print psalms worship catholic album music
    View Salmos
  19. E&C Wedding icon set print ministry worship family catholic church invite wedding
    View E&C Wedding
    E&C Wedding
  20. EMM Missionary Tee pope francis type catholic shirt tee mission typography youth church community
    View EMM Missionary Tee
    EMM Missionary Tee
  21. Run Wild for king and country experiment lyrics run wild hand made lettering drawing marker type bold
    View Run Wild
    Run Wild
  22. Freedom Sons duo acoustic indie folk music lettering hand made mark brand logo
    View Freedom Sons
    Freedom Sons
  23. Ps 73:26 church psalm hope scripture drawing graphite pencil lettering hand made
    View Ps 73:26
    Ps 73:26
  24. Mister Shuko mark mustache grill guatemala cart sausage hot dog food brand logo
    View Mister Shuko
    Mister Shuko
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