1. Quim: Oh YES! Latex Safe Intimate Oil Illustration

  2. Quim: Night Moves Intimate Oil Illustration

  3. Quim

  4. Catherine Kwong Design

  5. Details of Catherine Kwong Design's business cards

  6. Business Card Details for Catherine Kwong Design

  7. Catherine Kwong Design

  8. Catherine Kwong Design

  9. LARUE Print Collateral

  10. LARUE Pattern Details

  11. Peony Flower Illustration

  12. Queen Anne's Lace Illustration

  13. Hellebore Flower Illustration

  14. Mandolin Flowers

  15. Mandolin Flowers Logo

  16. Keewee Juice Bottle Mockup

  17. Salute Juice Packaging Mockup

  18. Keewee! We ain’t judgy on the pudgy, fuzzy, or ugly.

  19. Salute! Let your fruit flag fly

  20. Designsake Maple Syrup

  21. Designsake Maple Syrup

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