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  • Andrew R. Gale

    Wisconsin, US

    LodgePoint | Logo airbnb badge branding cabin forest hunting icon logo mark midwest outdoors pine simple tree verb wildlife woods
    LodgePoint | Icon airbnb badge branding cabin camping explore forest house hunting icon lodge logo outdoors sun tree vrbo wildlife woods
    Kings & Queens of Miniature Castles branding castle floating icon illustration illustrator king kingdom knight logo medieval moss podcast queen rock simple stone tower vector
    • Brand / Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Web Design
    Hire Andrew R. Gale
  • Caroline Sofie Holm

    Stevens Point, WI

    Recruitment Poster illustration maple syrup photoshop
    Boarding pass photoshop ticket
    ANAD Awareness awareness logo
    • Brand / Graphic Design
    • Mobile Design
    • Web Design
    Hire Caroline Sofie Holm
  • Sarah Wilson

    Wisconsin, United States

    Adams & Abigail branding daily logo challenge fashion graphic design identity logo design wordmark
    Coffee house bean coffee daily logo challenge dailylogochallenge design graphic design kilimanjaro logo volcano
    Vrooom car daily logo challenge dailylogochallenge design driverless driverless car graphic graphic design logo vrooom
    • Brand / Graphic Design
    • UI / Visual Design
    • Product Design
    Hire Sarah Wilson
  • Sabrina

    Maine, USA

    Qahwa branding design flat icon logo minimal
    Butterfly Bottle branding clean design flat graphic design icon illustrator logo minimal vector
    Logo app branding design flat icon illustrator logo minimal vector
    • Brand / Graphic Design
    • UI / Visual Design
    • Web Design
    Hire Sabrina
  • Tasha Jaeger

    Merrill, WI

    Dragons graphic design illustration linocut
    Merrill, WI postcards design graphic design illustration
    LincCon 2022 website design graphic design illustration logo typography ui ux website wordpress
    • Brand / Graphic Design
    • UI / Visual Design
    • Product Design
    Hire Tasha Jaeger
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  • Vectura Design

    Marshfield Wisconsin

    Our Snapshot aesthetic app branding design design software graphic design inspiration inspiration site landing page logo magazine typography vectura
    • Brand / Graphic Design
    • UI / Visual Design
    • Web Design
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